Forspoken Deluxe Edition vs. Standard – All differences between editions

A pricy proposition.

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Forspoken is Square Enix’s latest foray into the open-world action RPG genre. It tells the story of Frey Holland, New Yorker mixed up with the law who ends up transported to a magical fantasy land called Athia. Like many titles, Forspoken comes in different editions, each offering a variety of content for potential buyers. This guide explains all the key differences between the deluxe and standard editions and which one you should pick up.

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Forspoken Deluxe Edition vs. Standard edition – All bonus content explained

Forspoken has two different editions, standard and deluxe. Every PS5 pre-order comes with a Crafting Starter Kit, Symbol Combo Necklace, No Limits Cloak, and Trigger Happy Nails. Any PC pre-order comes with a Crafting Start Kit, Elite Cloak, Spectra Combo Necklace, and Overclock Nails.

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The standard version doesn’t include any further bonuses outside the core game, and it’s priced at $70. The deluxe edition costs $94.99 and consists of the following content in addition to the base game.

  • Forspoken Mini Artbook (digital download)
  • Forspoken Mini Soundtrack (digital download)
  • Prequel Story DLC “Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust”
  • Prequel Story DLC Early Access

Not much information has been released about the prequel DLC and what it entails as of this writing.

Which Forspoken edition to buy: Standard or Deluxe?

For players looking to dive deep into Forspoken, we suggest the game’s standard edition. Suppose you enjoy the content and want to experience more stories or enjoy the deluxe edition content. In that case, Square Enix offers a Deluxe upgrade DLC that will grant you all of the content the Deluxe edition contains.

The Deluxe DLC upgrade costs $25.00, so the total price of the standard edition and the DLC comes out to the same price as buying the Deluxe edition outright.