5 Tips To Master Aiming And Shooting In Fortnite Battle Royale


In Fortnite aiming like a pro is a key to win the game, in this kind of Battle Royale game where timing and speed is everything, you have to be highly accurate. The game demands strategy and speed side-by-side, if you are just running like a chicken you can be a playful target for skillful players around you. In this guide we bring you really amazing tips that can help you to improve your aiming skills and become a pro with experience. It not that complicated, all you need is to focus for a moment, anyhow it is not right to say that a battle royale game is truly predictable. A lot of things relies on the players and scenario.

Fortnite Battle Royale Aiming Tips

Best Aiming Tips – How To Shoot Like A Pro

Aiming will take time, it is not like you learn that instantly after playing a handful of matches and getting use the weapons your aiming skills will definitely improve, but following the below tips will help you to achieve this goal faster.

1). Move Sensitivity:

If you are playing on a PC or Laptop then first thing to adjust is to get the best mouse sensitivity. This thing is applicable to all shooting games like Counter-Strike or COD. Mouse sensitivity let you to move the weapons corsair really fast in different direction. If this is out of your control then you are just spraying bullets in the air. If you keep the same low then the aiming response time is less, but you get a bit of perfection here. Remember not to keep this too low or to high the best settings it to find something in between so that you can spot a player and then instantly aim your weapon on this head. Test with different settings and use the one that suits you the best.

2). Pause & Shoot:

Don’t spray around, it is of no use instead shoot and wait for one second and then shoot. Your weapon recoil time is also added to this, and it will affect your aim stability. Once you spot a player the first thing you have to do is find a cover, if not then try moving at a reasonable speed and then aim and shoot. Wait and aim and shoot, there are maximum chances that you will hit the player. If you have a cover then you get more time. A full auto weapon can’t assure you accuracy slowly with time your hand, eye co-ordination will be perfect and without wasting much time you can instantly shoot players around you.

3). Focus More On Crouching:

Instead of jumping try to work more on crouching, jumping will put your aim out of focus and you will need some time to reset it back to the target. That’s the window where anyone can shoot you. So it is better to focus more on crouching. It has its own benefits, first thing when you crouch you are slower and your weapon accuracy specially using a medium-range assault rifle increases. By crouching you can stabilize yourself and you can spend more on aiming. Also keep a watch on the crosshair, its size shrinks when you aim while sitting and increases when you aim while jumping. The target must be always inside the circle.

4). Weapon Range:

Now this is as important as shooting with a short pause, because this will determine if you get a headshot or not. First thing you are having a weapon so you can stay away from a player, second if you are really far away then your bullet damage is reduced. This is a key to be a pro player where you have to maintain a good range and shoot for max damage. However it is hard to explain how to achieve it, because there are many things relies on this your movement, your comfort of using a weapon, knowledge of surrounding, etc. Still look your weapon stats, there is a Range section. This will tell you which happens gives you a good range. For example Assault Rifle, Machine Guns and Light Machine Guns offers you the highest range.

5). Target Neck & Shoulder:

After spotting a enemy your first action will be to move your corsair to the head and shoot. But there is a catch here, if the target is too far there are max chances that you might miss. If you see a really small head somewhere try to hit the neck or shoulders. This will help you to get a headshot, and if you are trying to hit a moving target then try to shoot a little left or right ahead instead of hitting the exact moving point. It is because there is a small time delay between the target movement and the bullet speed, so if you point a bit ahead of left or right direction you get more aiming accuracy. This is not applicable on slow targets.

If you shooting is really good and you are in full control then your chances to reach the last man standing list increases to 50%. That’s because you know when to shoot and get a sure shot kill. It is always good to go with a defensive strategy that means don’t jump into a battle if there is a fight going on. Let others clear your path by shooting themselves so you have less competition.