Fortnite – Bullseye Locations – Land On Different Bullseyes


One of the Fortnite Challenges this week is all about getting on target and landing on different bulleyes. This challenge is a bit of a run back, as it has come up back at the start of Fortnite’s seasonal shenanigans.

You’ll need to land on three of them to complete the challenge, and it is only possible to do so at the start of the match as you glide in. Going there after you land is pointless because you need to LAND on them for it to count.

Things get a bit wild around these points at the moment, with so many folks out there trying to complete the challenge, so prepare to fight your way out, or just let someone take you out so you can get into another lobby and work on getting another one.

Fortnite – Bulleye Locations

Fortnite Bullseye Locations

Now, the three locations shown on the map above (marked with the red circles) were discovered by Paul Tassi over at Forbes. I haven’t seen any more in-game but am still looking, and will update the map if I, or anyone else, track them down.

For now, this appears to be it, and you need to hit all three to get past the challenge. You’ll find one to the north of Greasy Grove, one to the southeast of Frosty Flights, and another to the northeast of Lucky Landing.

They are pretty easy to spot from the air and are marked by big red bulleyes on the ground, so you should not have any trouble seeing them as you fall towards the map.