Fortnite – Where To Deal Damage By Shooting Gas Pumps – Gas Pumps Locations

Fortnite will occasionally throw out a challenge that I have little interest in trying to do. Not because it is bad, but because I am bad. This might just have been one of those challenges. I do, however, have a sneaky streak that compensates for my lack of skill. In this guide, I will show you where to find gas pumps in Fortnite Chapter 2, and how to do damage to an opponent with one.

Fortnite – Where To Deal Damage By Shooting Gas Pumps – Gas Pumps Locations

Fortnite Gas Pumps Locations

On the map above, you will see the locations of different gas pumps in Fortnite Chapter 2. The outskirts of Holly Hedges, Salty Springs, Pleasant Park, all have them. There is one to the east of Pleasant Park, across the river. Another can be found directly east of Frenzy Farm, with another to the South.

Now, I got lucky, or smart, whichever way you want to interpret it. I can’t say this will work for you, but it worked for me. I went to Salty Springs, which was directly under the bus route, so it had lots of people diving towards it, no doubt to get this challenge. I dropped close to the gas pumps and managed to grab myself a Sniper Rifle. Then I hide, with the pumps in view, until someone walked past to loot the area. One-shot started the pump burning, and they couldn’t get clear in time to avoid damage when it exploded a couple of seconds later. I have seen other players just happily dancing near the pumps, clearly waiting for someone to wrap up their challenge by taking advantage of their kindness. So well done to those guys. Remember, you don’t need to kill someone, do any amount of damage to them.

I can see this being a tough one to finish for a lot of people, as you need to wait until someone gets close enough to get damaged from it, and the challenge instantly makes the gas pumps into a hot spot that people are not going to want to visit. If you are super lucky, there might be a bot close by who will happily walk in front of it for you.