How To Spectate Your Friends In Fortnite Chapter 2


A long-requested feature for Fortnite is the ability to spectate your friends. You know how it goes, you log on, but your buddy is already in a game, so you have to either try and time thing correctly to both finish games at the same time, or sit there and wait. The good news is that the arrival of Fortnite Chapter 2 means you can now spectate your friends, under certain conditions.

How To Spectate Your Friends In Fortnite Chapter 2

The first thing to know about spectating friends is that you need to be in a lobby together. If you are, you can click on your friend’s name and select the spectate options.

As long as they have been playing a game for at least 30 seconds after the drop, you will be able to spectate them. You cannot spectate before the drop, so if your friend is still waiting for the Battle Bus to show up, you will have to wait.

You can also only spectate when everyone in the lobby is either spectating or playing a game. If one person in the lobby is not doing either of those things, you won’t be able to spectate. It is an unusual aspect of the feature, and right now, it is not known if this is a planned aspect or just a bug that needs to be fixed.

It can also take a little while to load, so don’t be too put out if you have to wait a minute or two for the spectate function to get going. The good news is, you no longer need to sit there while your friend finishes up there game, and can instead spectate their efforts, and maybe even coach them to a win.