All Season 1 Week 9 Chaos Rising Challenges In Fortnite Chapter 2

It is Week 9 of Fortnite Chapter 2’s first season, which means more challenges. The Chaos Rising mission offers a pretty diverse selection of challenges that will give you a chance to earn plenty of XP and level up that Battle Pass.

This week you will be searching ammo boxes, skydiving through rings, take part in motorboat time trials, riding zip lines, and shooting enemies from an uncomfortably close distance. You will even need to track down some Steel Bridges. It has been an unusual season, with most of the challenges seemingly being pretty random, and many of them having little to do with the theme of the loading screen or the mission.

Now that the Alter Ego challenge has given us all the hidden letters to spell out Fortnite, finishing eight of this week’s challenges will unlock the Chaos Rising loading screen, which contains the location of a hidden XP Drop.

The moment challenges go live in the game, we will be working on helpful guides for any of the tricky challenges. You will be able to find them linked in the listing above.