Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2: How to Bounce Off Tires, Lily Pads & Air Vents

Jump on all three in a single match so you’re done.

Image via Epic Games

Every season in Fortnite brings weeks of challenges for you to complete. Each one earns you progression in the Battle Pass, which in turn grants you more and more cosmetics to show off in-game. This guide explains how to bounce off tires, lily pads, and air vents to complete one of those challenges in Chapter 4 Season 2.

Below, we’ve outlined how to bounce off all the objects required for this challenge so that you can find them all in a single match or over the course of several matches. Whatever works best for you.

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How to bounce off tires in Fortnite

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can find tires at any location with vehicles or vehicle-related buildings, such as race tracks and gas stations. We recommend dropping at the one on the crossroads above Steamy Springs. This location has a gas station with vehicles you can use to drive anywhere on the map. Simply bounce on some tires and move on.

Screenshot by gamepur

Use the map above to find the exact location we recommend so you’re on track to bounce on all these objects in a single match.

How to bounce off lily pads in Fortnite

Screenshot by Gamepur

Steamy Springs is the best place to find a lily pad to bounce off. This is why we recommend dropping just above the location because you can bounce off tires and then quickly drive or run to the lakes in Steamy Springs to jump on a lily pad.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Any of the lakes will do, but the one marked on the map above is where we found the closest lily pad.

How to bounce off air vents in Fortnite

Screenshot by Gamepur

Air vents are easy to find, but there’s no way to optimize finding them in a single match. They’re scattered around the rooftops of Mega City, so mark that location on your map and start exploring.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ll likely find one as soon as you use a zipline to shoot up to a rooftop. The air vents you can jump off have air streaming out of them, so look for those while exploring the area.