Fortnite Creative first vault code – Rawxbee Creative Hub

Access the Vault.


Fortnite is sporting a new Creative hub, from Rawxbee, and it contains some secrets and mysteries. It is a very nice hub, with lots of little details in the design and is well worth exploring to see what you can find.

After you first spawn in, if you run up the stairs and head left, and go all the way to the end of the corridor, you will come to the first of four vaults. While three of them cannot currently be opened, this first vault can be, and people are curious about the code that will open it.

You need to input the code into four terminals just outside the door to the vault, one digit into each terminal. Each terminal is also clearly marked about which digit you need to enter into it.

  • First digit – 7
  • Second digit – 4
  • Third digit – 9
  • Fourth digit – 4

First Digit


Second Digit


Third Digit


Fourth Digit


Once you enter all four digits, you can interact with the door to get into the vault, and don’t forget to read the message from Rawxbee while you are in there.

Supposedly, the other vaults will be accessible over the coming days, but at the moment we have no real information on this, so we will keep an eye on what is going on and update you with any further codes you will need.