Fortnite – Gotham City Challenges And Rewards – Fortnite X Batman


You know Fortnite is big because it gets to work with both Marvel and DC. We have had Thanos show up, and now it is Batman’s turn. He has arrived in Fortnite, along with the Gotham City Challenges, to celebrate some 80 years of crime-fighting. For a full list of the Gotham City Challenges, and the rewards for them, read on.

Fortnite – Gotham City Challenges

Gotham City Challenges are as follows:

  • Deal damage to opponents with an Explosive Batarang (250)
  • Light up the different Bat Signals outside of Gotham City (3)
  • Use a Batman Grapnel Gun in different matches (3)
  • Defuse Joker gas canisters found in different named locations (3)
  • Deal any damage to opponents within 30s of using a Batman Grapnel Gun (1)
  • Light bat signal, use a Batman Grapnel Gun and deal any damage with an Explosive Batarang (1)

Gotham City Challenge Rewards

Complete each challenge will get you 10 battle stars. You also get rewards for completing certain amounts of challenges.

  • The first challenge will get you the Batman Spray
  • Two challenges will get you the loading screen
  • Four challenges will get you the Batman Banner
  • Six challenges will get you the Catwoman Glider

Batarang and the Grapnel Gun spawn on the map during the event and are difficult to find at all. You have 10 days to wrap up all the challenges before the event ends. I can’t see it taking people that long to get them all wrapped up, however.