Fortnite – Search The Hidden O In The Open Water Loading Screen


New Challenges have arrived in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1, along with a new letter to track down. “Search the hidden O in the Open Water loading screen” is one of this week’s challenges, and thankfully we know where it is to make your life a little bit easier.

Fortnite – Search The Hidden O In The Open Water Loading Screen

Hidden O Location

To find the O, you will need to head for Craggy Cliffs, on the north coast of the island. When I got there to try and find the O, the place was hectic. But I have to say, everyone was very polite, and there was no shooting as folks just let each other find the letter. After you find it, though, you were fair game. People were kind enough to let me live long enough to get there.

Hidden O

You want to head for the building facing out onto the sea at Craggy Cliffs. It is best if you try and land on the patch of grass below the raised deck area, as you need to get under that spot to find the O. If not, you will need to run around to the front of the building, head inside and go out onto the deck and then jump down.

From there, climb in under the decking, and you will find the O hidden around a corner. You can see the exact location the O will be in in the image above. And that’s it! It is worth pointing out that you should probably loot Craggy Cliffs a bit before you leave if you can, as another part of this week’s Challenges is to do some looting in this area, so you can kill two birds with one stone while you are here.

If you still haven’t found the hidden F, which was part of the very first challenges in Chapter 2, you can also use this helpful guide to track it down. We also have a guide that will help you find those Hideouts that you need to hide in as well.