Fortnite – How To Hide Inside Hideouts In Different Matches – Hideout Locations


Season 1 of Fortnite Chapter 2 is well and truly underway, as new Challenges have arrived. You can complete these Challenges to earn extra experience for your Battle Pass and get yourself even more loot and rewards. It looks like Thursdays will once again be the traditional day for new Challenges to arrive in the game, giving you plenty of time over the weekends to wrap them all up.

Fortnite – How To Hide Inside Hideouts In Different Matches

Fortnite Hideouts

Hideouts are a new mechanic that arrived in Fortnite Chapter 2. It allows you to hide in particular objects to try and get the drop on an enemy, or perhaps escape a firefight if you are running low on health. There appear to be two main types of hideouts in Fortnite now, the humble dumpster, and hay bales, depending on which part of the map you are in. Dumpsters will appear more in urban areas, while hay bales are around the green regions of the map.

To hide, all you have to do is run-up to the Hideout and interact with it. Your character will then dive inside to hide. You can destroy hideouts, however, and if one gets destroyed with you inside, it exposes you. This mechanic also means you can try and hunt down enemies who are running away from you. If you suddenly lose track of somebody, make sure they are not in any Hideouts that are close.

There will also be a small animation from time to time when I was hiding in a dumpster. The trash would occasionally move. I don’t know yet if other players can see this, but be careful and alert when you are hiding, because eagle-eyed players might be able to pick up on it.

As for the Hideout locations, they can be found all over the map, and are quite numerous. Look for open dumpsters like the ones shown in the image above, or the large round hay bales in places like Frenzy Farm.