Fortnite OG Victory Umbrella & How To Get Competitor’s Time Brella

There are two Umbrellas you can earn during Fortnite’s OG Season, and this guide shows you how to unlock them.

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There are several items and collectibles you can earn as you make your way through Fortnite, and the Fortnite OG season has plenty of rewards. For those in the Fortnite OG Season, there’s the Victory Umbrella and the Competitor’s Time Brella you can get.

The way you get this will appear during the Fortnite OG Season, and you’ll have a limited amount of time to acquire it. You won’t have too many options, but you’ll need to make sure you’re playing through the short season to add it to your inventory. Here’s what you need to know about how to get the Victory Umbrella and the Competitor’s Time Brella in Fortnite OG Season.

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How to Get Fortnite OG Victory Umbrella

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The Victory Umbrella will be available during the Fortnite OG Season. You’ll have a short amount of time to grab it, starting on November 3, 2023. You have until December 3, 2023, to earn it, which is done by completing a game of Fortnite and getting a Victory Royale on your character. You can do this by yourself, or with a small group of friends.

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There is also a second Umbrella you can earn called the Competitor’s Time Brella, which you can get during a ranked game.

How to Get Fortnite OG Competitor’s Time Brella

There is a second Umbrella you can earn during the Fortnite OG Season. The second one is called the Competitor’s Time Brella. The only way to unlock the Competitor’s Time Brella is by joining in on the Ranked Cup matches from November 23, 2023, to November 26, 2023, and earning at least 75 Points in this game mode. There’s no other way to get it beyond this, and that means you’ll have the chance to earn a Victory Royale with your friends, or by yourself. You can only participate in solo or duo matches for the Ranked Cup, but it’s up to you to decide how you want to handle it.

This will be more challenging than the standard game, but you have all of Fortnite OG Seasons to do it at least once. After you do, the appearance item will appear in your collection for you to use on your account.