How to Easily Ring the Doorbell of a House with an Opponent Inside in Different Matches in Fortnite: Battle Royale


One of the Fortnite challenges for the 8-Ball Vs. Scratch mission is to ring the doorbell of a house with an opponent inside during three different matches. It is much easier to complete than you might first suspect.

The two best places to do this challenge are Pleasant Park and Salty Springs. Both these locations are popular places to drop in at the start of a match, which is the best chance we have to get this challenge done.

Salty Springs, Pleasant Park

All you need to do is drop at either location, making sure to pull your glider out just a little bit early. Let other players get ahead of you, and as you float down, you can watch where they go. Land just outside the houses, they go into and ring the doorbell. Only one will count per match, so after that, feel free to play as normal and go into the house and murder them.

If you find yourself dropping in ahead of other players, you can land on a roof to stay safe and watch where they go. Do this in three different matches, and the challenge is complete.

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