Fortnite – Salty Springs Treasure Map Season 4 Week 3

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It’s a new week of Challenges in Fortnite! The Salty Springs Treasure Map is the usual hunt for a map that could spawn anywhere. Make your way to Salty Springs and have a good look around, it will randomly spawn somewhere in that location. Or, you can just skip that part and head straight to the loot, now that we have found it for you. Keep in mind, you need to have a Battle Pass to see the map at all.

Salty Springs Treasure Map

If you don’t want to look for the map, the location it is hinting at is the racetrack between Moisty Mire and Lonely Lodge. Make your way there, then head for one of the sharp curves that almost doubles up on itself. When you get to the right spot, the Crest shall appear. You can then interact with it to collect it. You can see exactly where it is located on the map in the corner of the screenshot below. It is also a good idea to go for this at the start of the match. You can easily reach it by jumping from the bus, and that way anybody else who is going for it shouldn’t have time to grab a gun and murder you before you can get to it.

Crest Location
Crest LocationTLDRGames • Fair Use

Make sure you finish up the round, as if you just exit it, the Challenge won’t count as completed! There are lots of other Challenges to complete this week as well, such as watching a replay of a match. Should you need help with other Weekly Challenges, feel free to check out our guide hub! Remember, you can always go back and do the Week 1 and 2 Challenges as well, if you haven’t finished them up yet.