Fortnite Season 6: Start Date, Battle Pass, Map Changes

 Fortnite Season 6: Start Date, Battle Pass, Map Changes

There’s less than a week to go till the end of Fortnite Season 5 as the final challenges released yesterday. There hasn’t been quite as much hype surrounding Fortnite Season 6 as there was when the meteor appeared in Season 3 but even so, players are eagerly awaiting updates from the ominous purple cube.

When does Fortnite Season 6 start?

Every new season in Fortnite kicks off as soon as the previous one finishes, following a short amount of downtime. This means Season 6 will get underway on Thursday, September 20 at:

1am PDT (West Coast US)

4am EDT (East Coast US)

9am BST (United Kingdom)

10am CEST (Mainland Europe)

6pm AEST (Australia)

This hasn’t been confirmed and could still change. Last season, Epic delayed the launch by two days so it could happen again but as of right now, it’s expected to launch on September 20. This also means that you need to ensure all of your Season 5 challenges are complete by then!

What about the Fortnite Season 6 battle pass?

Epic don’t add any files for the battle pass to the game until the update during the expected downtime. This means that we don’t have any information about the theme for next season or any of the unlockable emotes yet, but we can make an educated guess.

A 4chan leak mentions how the cube will explode during a cutscene and crystals – fragments from the huge purple box – will be scattered throughout the map. Interacting with them will send players to another dimension for a short time and make them invisible to players in the normal world.

Fortnite Season 6: Start Date, Battle Pass, Map Changes
Fortnite Season 6 – 4chan leak4chan • Fair Use

Of course, it’s 4chan so take it all with a big grain of salt but it’s one of the more credible leaks we’ve had for Season 6 so far. It also mentions that there will be a lot of alternate dark versions of existing skins, unlocked by completing challenges for the standard version.

How much will the Fortnite Season 6 battle pass cost?

Like always, the battle pass will cost 950 V-Bucks. That’s equal to $9.99 or £7.99. You need the battle pass in order to unlock most of the goodies available during the season.

Will there be any map changes for Fortnite Season 6?

Season 5 has been building up the idea of worlds colliding for some time now and it’s likely they’ll carry on down the same path for Season 6. The “story” has a lot of unanswered questions. Where is the cube going? What’s it going to do? What’s happening with Drift and Brite Bomber in the Road Trip loading screens? Season 4’s story with the superhero movie and Carbide vs Omega was contained to one season, but we expect this one to go on for longer.

There’s already been some map changes with Tomato Temple replacing Tomato Town, Dusty Diner being added to the hangars at Dusty Divot and the construction has finished in the middle of Tilted Towers. We can expect to see a lot more though. There’s a lot of speculation surrounding Wailing Woods and the bunker that appeared during Season 3 since we still don’t have an answer for it. Expect some of the older locations like Flush Factory, Retail Row and Pleasant Park to undergo some changes too. They’ve been around for ages!

Nothing is confirmed and this is all speculation. The only way to find out is to be sat at your screen ready for the launch on Thursday, September 20.