Best Keybinds for Fortnite on PC


When you’re playing Fortnite on PC with your keyboard and mouse, you literally have the world at your fingertips. You’re able to build quickly with the supplies you have on hand and also be quick on the draw against enemies.

But for those who want to extend beyond the default controls in the game, there is hope. You’re able to change up keybinds however you see fit. There are some that the experts (like Ninja and other streamers) swear by, but they might just be a bit overwhelming for newcomers.

Fortunately, we have some suggestions on what keybinds may work best for you, whether you’re just getting into the game or know your way around.

Getting Started With Setting Keybinds

To begin, you’ll want to know how to change the keybind settings. It’s easy.

First, make your way into the settings menu, in the upper right corner with see three horizontal bars. Click on those and you’ll see a drop down menu. Click on the gear icon.

From here, open the Input tab. It’s here that you’ll see where you can switch out your keys. You’ll see different options for movement, targeting, reload, use, and other functions, such as rotate building and repair/upgrade.

Once you’ve got the keys you want (they’ll change from “not bound” to the key of choice), then you’re good to go. Return from the menu to proceed.

The screen should look something like this, though your options may vary.

Fortnite Keybinds

Getting Started With Beginner Settings

With Fortnite, it helps to have general functionality laid out on alphabet keys, rather than the numbers above them. This makes everything fairly to use, and within reach.

For weapon slots, stick with Z (Slot 1), X (Slot 2), C (Slot 3), and V (Slot 4). These keys are all in a row and make it a cinch to choose between them. Save B for your harvesting tool, since it’s so close to the space bar.

You will still use the number keys, but for building. Choose 1 for the Wall, 2 for the Floor, 3 for Stairs, and 4 for the Roof. These should be easy to remember, as it basically acts as the foundation of a house. If you prefer, you can also switch around Floor and Wall with 1 and 2, if you want to go from the bottom up.

For inventory, stick with the Tab key. It sits in the middle of your building and weapon keys, and is easy to access.

As for other controls, the space bar makes for a good jump button, so you can free up mouse functionality. You’ll want to use something like the shift key or Control key for crouching, right next to the space bar. And, finally, the E button should make it easy to activate Use, although you can change it up a bit if you prefer. Again, it’s in the middle of everything.

The left mouse button should be saved for shooting, so you’re quick on the draw. However, save the right mouse button for building, so you can construct easily while keeping in active firefights. Use the middle mouse scroll to select weapons fairly quickly (if you prefer), and use the click function to activate running. And if you have extra mouse buttons, save those for building, like stairs (to get higher more quickly) and walls (for defense).

Setting Keybinds For Pros

On a pro level, you don’t have to worry so much about keeping everything together on the lower part. Buttons 1 through 4 should work well for your weapons, while using Z or X for the fifth weapon and harvesting tool.

Inventory you’ll want to keep close, so use the Tab button. As for jumping, space bar is the best default option. C should be used for crouching, and E for general use. If you want to set sprinting on your keyboard (instead of your mouse), consider the Control or Shift key.

As for using your mouse, stick with shooting and building with the left mouse button, and switching materials and targeting with the right. These make it easy to switch between combat and building fairly easy. As for weapons, you can use the keys on the keyboard, or the mouse scroll to quickly switch between.

Finally, chances are you have a multi-function mouse with additional keys. If that’s the case, use those for building materials, so you don’t have to rely so much on tapping on the keyboard.

Your settings may vary, but these will help you build and fight with ease. Good luck!

Check out Fruity’s video below for further reference on keybinds.