Fortnite Update 6.22 Patch Notes: Heavy AR, Team Terror

 Fortnite Update 6.22 Patch Notes: Heavy AR, Team Terror

We’ve known for a few days that the new Heavy Assault Rifle would be coming to Fortnite since the “Coming Soon!” addition to the splash screen, and now it’s finally here. Alongside the new Heavy AR though, there’s been a couple of different changes as well as two new Limited Time Modes. Let’s take a look at all of the changes in the Fortnite patch notes for Fortnite update 6.22.

Heavy Assault Rifle

Modeled after an AK-47, the new Heavy AR is the most powerful Assault Rifle yet. It can be found in Rare, Epic and Legendary variants and deals 44/46/48 damage respectively. It has a slow fire rate though, even slower than the Suppressed Assault Rifle so tap firing is the best way to go. Make sure you’re picking up enough ammo too because it has 25 bullets per magazine so if you’re spraying with it, you’ll be reloading pretty quickly.

Other Weapon Changes

Of course, now Halloween is over the Pumpkin Rocket Launcher has reverted to the regular Rocket Launcher. Till next year, old friend!

The recently introduced Balloons now have a much lower spawn rate, from 12.2% to 2.3%. I think everyone was sick of them by this point so this is a great change.

A bug has also been fixed where the physics would go awry if someone were hit with a Boogie Bomb while holding Balloons.

Team Terror LTM

Fortnite Update 6.22 Patch Notes: Heavy AR, Team Terror
Fortnite Team Terror LTM • Epic Games • Fair Use

A brand new Limited Time Mode called Team Terror is here, which features two teams of 32 players each fighting it out. The difference between this and other large-team modes is that zombies are everywhere, including special gold zombies that will drop legendary items when you kill them. All of the farming resources and ammo drops have been increased significantly, so in this mode, you can get straight into the action.

Blitz! LTM

Blitz! is back after a long vacation. It’s just as you remember it – the storm instantly starts moving in, you can farm more materials than usual, chest spawns are increased, and matches are guaranteed to last less than 15 minutes. They’ve even quadrupled the number of llamas this time around, but Shopping Carts are unfortunately gone. Still great to have the mode back though as it’s refreshing compared to the usual slower gameplay of standard modes.

You can find Epic’s full patch notes here. Keep an eye on the site on Thursday for the weekly Fortnite challenges cheat sheet. If you haven’t completed all of last week’s challenges yet, make sure you check them out here.