Where To Dance Between Four Hotsprings In Fortnite (Season 8 Week 9)

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The third and final part of the dancing challenge in Fortnite this week is to dance between four hotsprings! You will already have danced between ice sculptures, and dinosaurs, so this is the final step in the dancing Challenge.

Where To Dance Between Four Hotsprings

Dance Between Four Hotsprings

To where to dance between four hotsprings you want to head north from the volcano. It is pretty easy to see on the map, but I have place a little map marker on the spot for you, because I like to be helpful.

Just jump out of the bus and make your way there, it is a very easy area to spot from the air. When you land, head for the center and do your favorite dance, and that should be it. The Fortnite dancing challenge is now complete!

I have said this already in the other guides, but it can’t be said enough, a lot of people are doing these Challenges right now, so there areas are extra dangerous! Focus on just getting and getting the dance done, so you can get out and either play the round as normal, or start working on other challenges!

Hopefully these guides help you finish up the Season 8 Week 9 Challenge, and we will have more guides for other Challenges coming soon.