How to Complete Gaston The…Hero? in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Gaston The… Hero?, Disney Dreamlight Valley will ask you to run errands for him while he takes all the credit.

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley, Gaston is one of the funniest characters to be around. It should come as no surprise, then, that his Friendship Quests are the most fun to complete.

In Gaston The… Hero? the man with the biggest biceps in Eternity Isle asks you to do some fishing, digging, and hourglass-ing for him. While he says he’s doing his part, the profits remain to be seen. I bet he jumps into his daily workout the second he’s out of your view. What makes Gaston’s level 4 friendship quest especially tough is its constant pursuit of hidden treasures scattered all over Eternity Isle, which is complicated enough to traverse on its own. In this guide, I’ll show you how to complete Gaston The… Hero? in DDV.

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How to Catch an Electric Eel, Piranha, or Prisma Shrimp in Disney Dreamlight Valley

catch prisma shrimp ddv
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The first step to complete Gaston The… Hero? in DDV is to get either an Electric Eel, Piranha or Prisma Shrimp. I fished a Prisma Shrimp from golden bubbles in a lake by the Grove. However, here’s where you can catch every fish for Gaston:

  • Prisma Shrimp can be fished in The Grove in spots with Orange Bubbles.
  • Electric Eel can be fished in The Grasslands and The Promenade in spots with Orange Bubbles.
  • Piranha can be fished in The Lagoon in spots with Orange Bubbles.

Once you’ve caught at least one of these fish, head back with Gaston to proceed with his friendship quest.

How to Find All Compass Fragments in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The next step in Gaston… The Hero? is to look for Gaston’s Compass Fragments in The Docks, The Oasis, and The Grasslands using your Royal Hourglass.

Compass Fragment #1I found one Compass Fragment by the Docks’ southwest area, right by one of the two piers.
Compass Fragment #2I found the second Compass Fragment in the Oasis, right by the lake’s northern border.
Compass Fragment #3I found the third Compass Fragment in The Grove’s southmost end, right by the wooden bridge that leads to the Grasslands.

With all three Compass Fragments, craft Gaston’s Repaired Compass in the nearest Timebending Station and speak with him.

All Gaston The… Hero? Treasure Locations in DDV

Gaston's Treasures in DDV
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Gaston’s treasures in Disney Dreamlight Valley are located in Ancient’s Landing, The Wild Tangle, and The Glittering Dunes. To decide where you should dig them up, look for guidance in the collage picture he just gave you.

In Ancient’s Landing, dig the treasure in front of Eve’s house, which is located in the sandy area west of the Docks.
In The Glittering Dunes, dig the treasure in front of the Cave of Wonders, which is part of the Diamond in the Rough main quest.
In the Wild Tangle, dig the treasure right next to the floating boat in The Grove. You already took a picture of this boat during DDV’s Directive: Danger! side quest.

With all three treasures in your pocket, head back to Gaston to progress to the next part of Gaston The… Hero? in DDV.

How to Find The Owners of Each Treasure in DDV

treasure owners ddv
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After collecting all these treasures, Gaston will ask that you return “his” treasures to their respective owners: Merlin, Eve, and Scrooge McDuck. Here’s who you should give each treasure to:

  • The brush belongs to Merlin.
  • The light bulb belongs to Eve.
  • The climbing pick belongs to Scrooge McDuck.

Though you’ll be tempted to think the brush belongs to Rapunzel, she’ll actually tell you it’s not hers. It should come as no surprise, then, that Merlin’s beard needs a brush every now and then. To locate each character, feel free to use the map and DDV’s tracking feature.