Genshin Impact – Between Facades and Familiar Faces quest guide

A feast for the senses.

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In this short epilogue quest for The Exquisite Night Chimes event, the Traveler, Paimon, and their friends see out Lantern Rite with a fancy feast and reminisce over their experiences together. It’s a night of seeing old friends, making new ones, and meeting unexpected guests. Here’s how to get to it.

Head to Xinyue Kiosk and enjoy the meal

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Between Facades and Familiar Faces is a short quest meant to round out the story of the Lantern Rite questline. Hu Tao has organized a Lantern Rite feast at Xinyue Kiosk after the excitement of the previous few days, but you’ll need to wait until the following evening between 7 PM and midnight to head there for the food. Once the allotted time arrives, go to the restaurant in Liyue Harbor and head inside.

Gathered for the feast are not just Hu Tao and Zhongli but several others of your Liyue-based friends as well. The addition of Xiao to the party is surprising enough, considering his penchant for keeping away from the harbor, but the truly unexpected guest is Venti, the Anemo Archon of Mondstadt. While everyone dances around the fact that there are two literal gods in the mix now, the Traveler notices Xiao looking a little overwhelmed.

Leave Xinyue Kiosk and talk to Xiao

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Before accompanying Xiao outside, you can chat with the other guests a little first — there’s nothing crucial in the dialogue, but it adds a little flavor to the event. Once outside, talk with Xiao, who’s feeling a little off-kilter about having two Archons present, especially ones who can blend in with humanity so well. Talk him down, and Xiangling will come looking for you with a couple of plates of Almond Tofu. With your conversation finished, it’s time to head back inside.

Return to Xinyue Kiosk and finish the meal

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Back inside the restaurant, everyone will argue over who should light the incense for good luck before finally settling on the ever-reliable Paimon. Once the dinner ends much later, everyone goes their separate ways, and you’re returned to the streets of Liyue to receive your quest rewards.