Genshin Impact: How To Complete “A Certain Notice” Quest (Walkthrough)

A Certain Notice is perhaps the most drudgery you can find in a Genshin Impact quest, and that’s intensional.

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There are lots of…interesting quests in Genshin Impact, but A Certain Notice is one for the books. It requires next to nothing from you other than the patience of a saint and a fleeting interest in corporate middle management. Here’s how to complete the A Certain Notice quest chain in Genshin Impact.

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How to Complete A Certain Notice in Genshin Impact

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Completing A Certain Notice is one of the easiest tasks in Genshin Impact, but it can be a bit much if you’ve spent any time as a middle manager. You speak to the quest giver, a pencil pusher named Iaune in the Palais Mermonia, and then three of his coworkers. Specifically, the quest steps are:

  • Speak to Iaune to get the quest. Choose whether to speak to Gattineo on the matter of secrets or Difor on the matter of personal.
  • Speak to Gattineo or Difor at nearby desks. I’m positive it doesn’t matter who you choose, as when I chose Gattineo, he sent me back to Difor. If I’d chosen Difor, I’ve no doubt he would have sent me to Gattineo.
  • Speak to Difor or Gattineo, as described above.

Once you’ve spoken to the two men, Iaune will despondently tell you to meet him back at his desk the next morning. You’ll then complete A Certain Notice and must wait until between 8:00 and 12:00 the next day. At this point, you’ll start the A Certain Trifle quest.

How to Complete A Certain Trifle in Genshin Impact

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A Certain Trifle is the most interactive part of the quest chain. The steps are:

  • Speak to Iaune again. He’s having a bad time.
  • Talk to Roialte nearby. None of the dialog choices here matter, so simply get through the dialog at your own pace.
  • Talk to Cornelia. If you haven’t gotten the vibe that this quest chain is “corporate drudgery the game,” speaking to Cornelia will definitely be the clearest clue you get.
  • Speak to Estelle at the Blacksmith. For this step, you actually leave the office! I know. It’s an absolute coup. Head out the door, turn left, and glide down to the Blacksmith shop, Beaumont Workshop.
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  • Place the keycap in the typewriter. Back to the Palais Mermonia.

Once you’ve placed the keycap back in, you’ll speak to Iaune again and then need to wait until 8:00 to 12:00 one more time, which starts the A Certain Stamp quest.

How to Complete A Certain Stamp in Genshin Impact

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A Certain Stamp is the goofiest part of the quest chain and, thankfully, the last one. To complete it:

  • Speak to Iaune. He’s asleep, the poor guy.
  • Speak to Thales at the automated stamping machine. Automated, in this case, is more of a suggestion than a fact.
  • Strike the stamping machine three times to get it to work.
  • Speak to Iaune and listen to the rest of his coworkers get on his case.

Once you finish the dialog and Iaune is carted off the hospital for overwork, you’ll have completed the entire A Certain Notice quest chain and will get the A Sudden Squall achievement, worth five Primogems. Is the drudgery worth the premium currency? Probably, but at least there are many more interesting things to do in Genshin Impact than what these poor souls do day in and day out.