Genshin Impact Labyrinth Warriors event guide – start date, duration, and more

No word on if Elon Musk will make an appearance.

Image via miHoYo

Genshin Impact’s newest event, Labyrinth Warriors, will be launching shortly. Though some of the game’s recent marketing strategies have been on the questionable side, there is no doubt that this update will be a massive success for the game. If you’re curious about how to get involved, we’ve got all the information you need.

What is Labyrinth Warriors?

The Labyrinth Warriors event will focus on helping Shiki Taishou to retrieve the fragments of his memories and exploring the past that is sealed within the Mystic Onmyou Chamber Domain. Taking part in the challenges will earn players:

  • Damaged Replicas: Used with Charm Magic to enhance Shiki Taishou’s abilities.
  • Battered Shikifuda: Used to obtain buffs in the challenges
  • Aged Tokens: Can be exchanged in the event shops for a variety of equipment and items

These items will disappear from your inventory once the event ends.

When Will Labyrinth Warriors Take Place?

This Genshin Impact event will run from October 21 through to November 8, with five new events happening every three days at the start of this period. The events will be:

  • The Ominous Demesne: Start Date – October 21
  • The Brutal Divergence: Start Date – October 24
  • The Vengeful Wood: Start Date – October 27
  • The Echos of Extinction: Start Date – October 30
  • The Rending Absolution: Start Date – October 30

In addition to these mini-events that can be played from their start date to the end of the event on November 8, there are two event-specific shops that will occur.

  • Trial Trove I: Start Date – October 21
  • Trial Trove II: Start Date – October 27

Both these shops will close on November 15, one week after the end of the event.

Who Can Take Part?

Any players with an adventure rank of 30 or above and who have completed the Archon Quest “Chapter II: Act II – Omnipresence Over Mortals” will be able to take part in this event.