Genshin Impact: Moonlight Seeker Guide Day 3 – Path of Austere Frost, all charm and chest locations

The final day of Charm and Chest hunting.

The final mile of Moonchase Charm and Chest collecting is approaching, and the final day takes you back to Dragonspine with tons of snowy mountains to traverse. You’re gonna need to do a lot of climbing for this one.

Simply head to Dragonspine to start the event. This path takes you from the Entombed City Outskirts on the bottom left of Dragonspine, all the way to the Snow-Covered Path. Essentially, you’re dealing with the top half of Dragonspine.

Within the top half of Dragonspine is where you can find the Charms and Chests. Each Charm and Chest found contributes to a certain amount of exploration progress. Reach a certain threshold, and you’ll gain a reward. Meeting 100% exploration progress will reward you with a weapon enhancement material to refine the Luxurious Sea-Lord.

Here are the approximate locations of every charm you’ll find during the event. Like Day 2, there are only 20 Moonchase Charms you need to collect. Note, many Charms are hidden on top of mountains or hiding in the water.

Screenshot by Gamepur.

Next, here are the locations of every chest you’ll find during the event. Like Day 2, there are 30 chests to find during this event, each rewarding you 5 Primogems and other character level-up materials.

Screenshot by Gamepur.

And that’s it! Once you explore 100% of the Charms and Chests, you’ll have received the final refinement material to get your Luxurious Sea-Lord to its highest refinement.