Genshin Impact: Thelxie’s Fantastic Adventures Event Guide

Dive into the Fontaine waters of Genshin Impact to find the missing fish and create a companion for a lonely boy.

Genshin Impact Thelxie story book

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Thelxie’s Fantastic Adventures is the leading event for the 4.2 update in Genshin Impact. What starts as a fetch quest to find missing fish turns into an honorable quest to save a child from his loneliness.

 Water Imp’s Conjecture quest is best experienced once the newest Archon Quest in Fontaine has been completed. Genshin Impact players are initially given the quest to find the missing fish, which are believed to be scared of the infamous water imp, Thelxie. When players investigate, they discover Freminet has made a penguin companion named Thelxie, which has been scaring off the fish.

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Day 1-3: Water Imps Conjecture

Genshin Impact Thelxie's fantastic adventures
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Once players complete the Water Imps Conjecture quest, they unlock a series of mini-games and challenges that are linked with Thelxie’s Fantastic Adventures event. This is a three-part event: a story-based quest, the mini-games, and the underwater fetch quests. Each part of the event has its rewards upon completion. Little bits of each part will be unlocked on the first day, with the rest unlocking every subsequent day until the end of the event.

The first two mini-games are Motherboard Troubleshooting. Players must connect the penguin to the lightbulbs to complete the circuit. The controls are easy enough, with the left click to add lines and the right click to delete them.

To create curves, players can hold down the left mouse button and drag the line in the direction it needs to curve. Players need to make sure that lines don’t cross for the different penguins on the board, and they’ll be good to go.

Players will also have to dive into the waters of Fontaine to collect materials for Freminet to improve Thelxie. This is more of a fetch quest that requires players to be good at fighting underwater. Every day, a new mini-quest will be unlocked. Players will use the Echoing Conch to locate the materials needed.

Day 4-5: Prince’s Country

Genshin Impact Thelxie
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The Thelxie’s Adventures Event will pace players by keeping the next part of the quests locked for two days before they can access it. The next story quest for the event is the Prince’s Country, where players will swim to underwater ruins to fight a series of enemies and one boss. For this fight, players will have the help of Thelxie and Freminet. This leads to the third mini-challenge that players will need to do to complete the event.

The third challenge replicates the fights in the underwater ruins. Players need to collect a certain amount of points in a timed event. They will need 2000, 4000, and 6000 points to unlock the different tiers of rewards and complete each challenge. Players are given two 80 level characters to try. I highly recommend using those two characters as they will work well together and the abilities the Thelxie will have.

Day 6 – Miraculous Crown

Genshin Impact Event Rewards
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The last day of the event is for wrapping up the story quests and any of the mini challenges that have not been completed with the final fighting challenge unlocking. Players should collect the last of the rewards and enjoy the ending of this journey.

At the end of Thelxie’s Fantastic Adventures event, players will receive Primogems, Mora, and even Freminet and Thelxie! While not essential, these rewards are great to have because players will no doubt need them in a pinch at some point in the future, and it’s better to have a stockpile than having to head out and grind activities.