Genshin Impact: Where To Find All Fontaine Shrine of Depths & Keys

Looking for the Fontaine Shrine of Depths keys in Genshin Impact? Find out how to get and use them in this guide.

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Like all regions in Genshin Impact, Fontaine has several reward sources called a Shrine of Depths, locked gazebo-like structures that require a special, region-specific key to unseal. Getting the keys is easy enough, though it’s pretty time-consuming, and there are more keys than there are Shrines, as the Fontaine region will continue to expand as Genshin receives additional updates. In this guide, we’ll cover where to find all of the currently available Shrines of Depths in Fontaine, as well as how to get every key.

How to Find All Fontaine Shrine of Depths in Genshin Impact

Currently, there areĀ four Shrines of Depths in Fontaine, one for each major landmass. Two of them are easy to get to, a third is underwater, and the fourth and final one in the north is a bit of a hike. Here’s where you’ll find them all.

*Note: This guide will be updated as Fontaine receives additional areas.

Shrine of Depths
Nearby Point
of Interest
How to Reach
Echoes of the Deep Tides Domain
Northernmost Court of Fontaine
Teleport Waypoint
Teleport to either the nearby Domain or Waypoint,
then head south. The Shrine is on a hill near the cliffside.
Western Elynas Teleport Waypoint
Elynas Waypoint on Central Mountain
Teleport either to the mountaintop Waypoint and
travel west or go north along the road from the western waypoint, then turn east.
Marcotte Station Teleport WaypointTravel along the road west from Marcotte Station until you reach the water, then head northwest along the cliffside.

Poisson Teleport Waypoint
Either Waypoint in the Elton Trench
If coming from the shore, head west from Poisson and dive into the water at about the midpoint between the two Elton Trench Waypoints. The Shrine is closer to the northern Trench Waypoint.

How to Get Fontaine Shrine of Depths Keys in Genshin Impact

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There are two primary sources of Fontaine Shrine of Depths Keys: the Statue of the Seven (Hydro) and the Fountain of Lucine. As of Fontaine’s release, there are ten keys total: six from the Shrine of the Seven, four from the Fountain. Thanks to the Genshin Honey Hunter World for a rundown of all the Fontaine Statue rewards.

As for the Shrine rewards inside, each is one of the best treasure chests available in the game: the Luxurious Chest, which rewards 3 and 4-star weapons, Artifacts, and upgrade materials, plus a hefty bundle of Primogems. The four Shrines of the Depths currently available, combined with the additional 18 Luxurious Chests out in the world, provide plenty of rewards, not including the 170+ chests of lesser rarity that also give some worthwhile loot.

And remember, as with previous regions in Genshin’s history, Fontaine did not release fully formed. While the area we currently have access to is large, especially considering all the underwater habitats, as it receives additional updates, there will be new locations and secrets to uncover. Genshin Impact updates every six weeks, so 4.1, the next patch, will be here before you know it.