How to Get Past the “Oh, What a Weird Object” in Link’s Awakening


Relatively early on in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, you might find some weird, crystal-like objects blocking your path. Upon interacting with these objects, you’ll receive the message, “Oh? What a weird object! There must be some way to tackle this obstacle.” There is a way to tackle these objects.

To get past those “weird objects,” you’ll have to run into them while wearing the Pegasus Boots. If you have already found the Pegasus Boots, they will automatically equip to you. You need to hold down the L button to go dashing forward. Do this while facing the weird objects and you’ll destroy them as you run through them.

If you don’t already have the Pegasus Boots, don’t worry. You’ll have to pick them up sooner or later anyway. They are a mandatory item that you’ll find in the third dungeon. This third dungeon is in the Ukuku Prairie, which is east of Mabe Village just past the boulders to the right of the shop. After completing the second dungeon, you can use the Power Bracelet you found in it to lift these boulders out of the way.

To enter the third dungeon in Ukuku Prairie, you’ll first have to get the key. Acquiring this key is more complicated than getting the keys to some of the other dungeons. You need to do a handful of things, such as getting to a certain point in the game’s trading sequence and finding all five gold leaves in Kanalet Castle. If you’re having trouble with those sections, you can click on these links to see our guides on how to accomplish these tasks.