God of War Forbidden Grip Of The Ages Location And Puzzle Solution

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God of War: Ascension

Forbidden Grip Of Ages is a Legendary Axe Pommel which is hidden in God Of War. In this guide, you can find the exact location to find Forbidden Grip Of Ages and the puzzle solution to unlock it. Forbidden Grip Of Ages is an ancient relic that will boost all Kratos stats, and add a concussive wave at the end of R1 combo. In the New Game Plus mode, you can upgrade this item to Level 9.

Forbidden Grip Of The Ages Location

How To Get Forbidden Grip Of The Ages

First, you have to reach an island that will take you to a location to get the item and next you have to solve a puzzle. Read below for solutions.

Forbidden Grip Location:

From the bridge where you met the World Serpent, look for the rocks with M sign on it on the above image. There is a waterfall on the left side, the docking spot is on the right that will take you to a cave. Don’t enter it, look on the left and you will see a climbing spot blocked by spikes.

Forbidden Grip Unlock

Once you are on the island look left and hit the circular shape on the top left to remove the spikes. Climb up, follow the white lines and walk straight. On the end there is another small water fall, climb further up. Go on the top of the mountain. Then use the rope and glide down. Walk straight ahead, climb through wooden logs and you will reach a huge door on your right. This is the place where you have to solve a puzzle to get Forbidden Grip.

Forbidden Grip Puzzle Solution:

Forbidden Grip Unlock

Below is the sequence you have to follow to summon the item. Just stand in the center of the circle on the ground and look in below sequence.

  • Middle > Left > Middle > Right > Left > Middle > Floor > Right > Left > Middle

After a short while once you complete the sequence a black could will appear in the front. You can pull out Forbidden Grip of The Ages from it.

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