Guild Wars 2: Sky Pirates update explained: storyline, achievements, and more

Load the cannons and hoist the flag.

Image via ArenaNet

Guild Wars 2 has always been a game that followed the beat of its own drum. Following on the heels of the success of Guild Wars 2’s third expansion, End of Dragons, the MMORPG decided to take a bold step. While rehashing the past is not generally the most successful of ideas, Guild Wars 2 decided that the repackaging of its very first Living World Story was something players sorely needed. The first of these new mini-seasons was launched on April 19. Following the story of two of the main companions of the Commander, Braham, Rox, and her pet Frostbite, players were sent back in time to the origins of their friendship with these two dynamic characters.

Old faces in old places in Guild Wars 2: Sky Pirates

The second installment, Sky Pirates, introduces players to the Aetherblades. While the Aetherblades is not an unfamiliar term to most, their prominent role in the End of Dragons story and callbacks to them scattered around much of Kryta shows the reasoning behind the bulk of the resentment harbored towards them. It also reintroduces the legendary Captain Mai Trin and gives players a chance to witness her as she was in the first Living World season.

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Players can expect to see some old and new faces and the very nostalgic sight of the old Lion’s Arch. Of course, new players won’t remember the old harbor city, as it was rebuilt after spending some time as a partial ruin, though it was briefly visibly in the main storyline. Older players, however, will get a special kick out of seeing the old spires, towers, and of course, the old fort.

Achievements in Guild Wars 2: Sky Pirates

Along with old sights come a series of new achievements. There’s quite a lot of AP up for grabs this time around, and players can look forward to some nice unlocks once completing specific achievements. Unlike with Flame and Frost, however, there don’t seem to be any unlockable titles this time around, but players can look forward to the following items that can be gained by completing the achievements.

Image via ArenaNet
  • Sky Pirates Mastery: Completing this unlocks the Aether Visor, the ultimate outer expression of your inner steampunk sky pirate. It also unlocks an Exotic tier Aetherblade Signet Ring with some fun flavor text.
  • Against the Aetherblades: Completing this achievement will give you a total of 50AP as well as a Miniature First Mate Horrik for your Miniature collection.
  • Case Closed: Completing this will give you 5AP and, more importantly, a free 20-Slot Bag for your Inventory. The bag is named Majory’s Tool Belt and, like the ring, comes with some excellent flavor text. Also, it’s free storage.

Some Fractal related achievements will be unlocked when players complete the last section of the chapter for some extra fun. In addition, players will also get to finish the Ceremony and Acrimony (2013) achievement, which was previously locked. Finally, the AP you might need for your Achievement Chest is one step closer, and completionists can breathe easier.