How To Battle In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite


There are a lot of enemies and monsters in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite for you to fight. You will need to cast spells to both attacks and defend in these fights, so make sure you have plenty of Spell Energy on you at all times. To battle, you will need to find a fortress, although some other locations can also house a battle. You will be able to see fortresses on your map, the very tall buildings that tower over everything else. You will also need to be close to them in the real world to interact with them.

When you are close enough to the fortress, you will be able to enter it and take on some of the wizarding challenges that it houses. You will need specific Runestones to take part in them, so keep an eye on your inventory. Each challenge will provide information on what you need to do to win, such as how many foes you need to defeat. When the match starts, tap on the enemy that you want to battle.

How To Battle In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Battles are split into two main actions, attacking and defending. You attack enemies with your wand by touching the wand and then lining it up with the circle that will appear on your enemy. Once this is done, a spell prompt will appear in the form of a glyph on the screen. You then need to trace the glyph to cast the spell. Don’t forget; you need spell energy to throw anything! If at this point, you realize that mistakes were made, you can run away from a fight by clicking on the little running wizard icon on the left of the screen, just below your health bar.

In battles, you also need to defend yourself from your enemies spells by quickly swiping the screen across the line that will become visible as your enemy casts a spell. If you take too much damage, you can also use potions during a fight to help you out.

And that’s it, it’s not complicated, but it could take just a little bit of getting used to. The only real ways to get better is to practice and level up your character. Also, keep in mind that some enemies are going to be very powerful. Don’t get in fights with enemies that are much higher level than you because that is not an excellent way to become an old wizard!