How Woven Mail works in Destiny 2

Protect yourself using Strand.

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Woven Mail is a new passive you can earn when using Strand in Destiny 2. You’ll encounter it when you’re going through the various Fragments for your class, and it’ll be a bonus you can receive when you use Strand. Woven Armor is a great way to protect your character during a battle; what it exactly does might be challenging to understand. Here’s what you need to know about how Woven Mail works in Destiny 2.

What does Woven Mail do in Destiny 2, and how does it help you?

Woven Mail is a specific passive that you can earn if your character uses their Strand subclass. You’ll specifically find it if you use the Thread of Warding Fragment on your character’s Strand build, and what Woven Mail does is provide a protective mesh around your character, wrapping them up in Strand matter. While in this state, it reduces any incoming non-precious damage, making it a perfect choice if you’re planning to run PvE missions. Woven Mail, however, might not be as good for PvP battlefields, as most players have become accustomed to landing Precision Hits against other Guardians.

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How you obtain Woven Mail will vary on the Fragment you’re using. for the Thread of Warding, you need to pick up Orbs of Power, which usually appear after a Guardian uses their Super. Collecting Orbs of Power may also fit into your build in other ways, such as empowering your Grenade or Class ability based on the Orbs of Power you collect, or they might even grant you additional Armor Charges.

Woven Mail is a valuable passive in your Strand build, and optimizing it is important while playing Destiny 2 in Lightfall and beyond the campaign.