How big is Fallout 76’s map? Answered

How big is Fallout 76’s map? Find out here.

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The map of Fallout 76 makes Appalachia look like a pretty big and wild place filled with fearsome foes and unpredictable events. When Bethesda first talked about the size of the map, the studio said that it would be four times bigger than the map of Fallout 4. That’s pretty darn big. But exactly how big does that make the map? We have your answer along with much more.

How big is the Fallout 76 map?

If you have gotten the chance to enter the wild world of Appalachia in Fallout 76, you definitely know that it has a pretty good size to it. The map is split into six different areas for you to explore; The Forest, Ash Heap, The Mire, Savage Divide, Toxic Valley, and Cranberry Bog. Each of these areas feels unique and offers its own type of challenges from crazed wildlife to noxious gas that will make your character contract airborne diseases.

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Fallout has always been known for having rather large maps. The Fallout 4 map is around four square miles in size. The Fallout 76 map does come in around the four times larger estimate at about 16 square miles in size. For comparison, the map of Fallout 76 comes close to the size of GTA V’s map which is 19 square miles without the massive ocean section surrounding it. That’s a good amount of land mass to explore.

Where is Fallout 76 set?

Fallout 76 takes place in West Virginia, in the northeast of the USA. Some of the more notable areas you can explore across the map are Point Pleasant, Morgantown, and Watoga. Hidden within these areas are various monsters of West Virginia lore like the Graften Monster and Mothman. You can also check out seasonal events that change the behavior of some of the notable enemies during specific times of the year to give the game some added flavor.

When does Fallout 76 take place?

If you’re familiar with the Fallout universe, you’ll know the bombs went off in 2077. Fallout 76 takes place in 2102, 25 years after the USA got turned to rubble. Fallout 76 is a prequel to all other Fallout games because your player is one of the first vault dwellers to leave and experience the new world they live in. No pressure then.