How Business Performance works in BitLife

Build your business from the ground up.

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Whenever you become the CEO of a business in BitLife, you will have a Performance bar at the bottom of your profile. This shows you the health of your business and how it’s currently doing based on the overall sales and quality of products you’re making for your customers. It can be tough to understand what goes into this score and how to improve it. This guide covers how Business Performance works and how to improve it in BitLife.

How to improve Business Performance in BitLife

Your Business Performance shows the health of your current business as a CEO in BitLife. You can unlock this by choosing to begin a Startup business or by purchasing one that’s already been created. Both are similar options, but you have more creativity with the Startup option. After you’ve done this and run a business with employees and products to sell to customers, a Performance bar will appear at the bottom of your profile.

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Each year, your business will receive an Annual Report. The Annual Report breaks down how your business did the previous year, showing how long it has been in business, how much revenue it earned, its net income, the profit margin, and what you sold. After this, it breaks down every product your business sells, allowing you to make small adjustments, such as how much it sells for, how much marketing you give it, and how many you choose to produce and sell.

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Your Business Performance is at the bottom, and this makes up the many Annual Reports you’ve had with your business and how well you’ve been doing. Your Performance will go up so long as you have a healthy business, which means you have positive revenue, net income, a good profit margin, and you’re making money for your business.

Some good ways to adjust this is to readjust your products each year. You want to review the reports you receive each year and adjust your production, product price, and marketing as much as possible. However, you can’t account for everything; unforeseen things can happen that still cause a product to fail. In addition, another good way to improve your business is to open more facilities for your business. It costs money to open up these locations but increases the places your products are sold, likely increasing your overall products. It also means you can produce more items in your inventory.

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Over the years, your Business Performance will grow as you continue working on your business. You should notice the Performance increasing as you create more Facilities, add more products to your business, and properly adjust to the market following each Annual Report.