Should you Startup or Acquire a business in BitLife?

Humble beginnings.

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Becoming the lead in a business is extremely difficult, and in BitLife, you have the option to develop the foundation of a Startup or Acquire a business. Both options are available when you visit the Special Careers tab in Business and offer the opportunity for you to operate at the head of a company, albeit much smaller than a corporation. When you want to run a business, should you choose to run a Startup or Acquire a business in BitLife?

Running a Startup Business in BitLife

You begin right at the bottom when you choose to run a Startup Business in BitLife. You have absolutely nothing to your name, and you will need to build it up, working your way to becoming a notable name, performing market research, choosing how much to pay yourself, how much you want to invest in the business, and what you want to focus on at these early stages. You can throw a lot of creativity at a business during this phase, but it can be tough, especially based on the competition for that business.

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If you’re looking for more creativity and personality in your business, picking to go with a Startup is likely the best choice.

Acquiring a business in BitLife

If you acquire a business, you’re buying a business that has already been started. The company should already have a handful of products, and they might be selling well, or they could be selling badly based on the business’s health. It’s important to run through these details to evaluate the status of each product sold at your newly acquired business to ensure you’re not driving money into the ground and you’re not wasting time on a product. It might seem easier to jump into a business this way, especially if you want to run it and have things run smoothly at the start. You have a few more adjustments you need to make as if it were a Startup, but not nearly as much as starting from the beginning.

Both starting a business and acquiring one are costly avenues. Acquiring a business might be better if you’re looking for a more secure route and have the money. However, starting a business is the better option if you want to get your feet wet and try everything out from scratch. Both come with plenty of risky business choices you need to consider. It may take you some time to figure out how to balance your books and how to sell a worthwhile product to your customers.