How to complete the Fortnitemares Escape Rooms event in Fortnite

Perform tasks to unlock rooms and four unique rewards.

Image via Epic Games

Although Fortnite players can find new Halloween-themed quests in-game, the battle royale’s Fortnitemares event is also hosting another questline elsewhere. This is known as Fortnitemares Escape Rooms, and it tasks challengers with unlocking digital doors for a variety of exclusive rewards. However, it will require a few steps in order to take part in the experience. Here’s how to complete the Fortnitemares Escape Rooms event and what you will be earning in Fortnite.

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How to do the Fortnitemares Escape Rooms quests

Unlike traditional challenges, you can only find the Fortnitemares Escape Rooms quests on its dedicated website. Once you are there, you can login into your Epic Games account to see which tasks need to be completed in-game to unlock escape room doors on the webpage. The tasks are relatively simple compared to traditional quests, as they range from catching fish to eliminating opponents. After three tasks are completed in an escape room, you can head back to the website to claim your reward and move on to the next door and its tasks.

All Fortnitemares Escape Rooms event rewards

The event consists of four different doors you will need to unlock, and each grants a reward upon doing so. As this is tied to the Fortnitemares event, players will only have until November 1 to obtain these goods. All of the rewards in Fortnitemares Escape Rooms can be found below.

  • Spoooooky Emote: Unlock Room 1
  • 20,000 XP: Unlock Room 2
  • OctoEye Spray: Unlock Room 3
  • Niterave Weapon Wrap: Unlock Room 4

These are not the only free cosmetics Fortnitemares is offering, either. Players can also collect a chrome Glider, Back Bling, and Harvesting Tool by completing challenges from the in-game Fortnitemares questline. These mainly revolve around using limited-time weapons and mechanics, such as the Howler Claws Mythic melee weapon and Alteration Altars.