How does law review work in BitLife as royalty, and how can you do it?

Your word becomes law.


Some royalty members in BitLife have the chance to review the laws of their country. If your character is in the country’s royalty, a duty they may have to perform requires them to pass or put down laws the country wants to enforce. Some of these laws may seem silly and simple.

A good majority of the laws introduced in this part of the game are incredibly minor. You can see what they are in the activities section of BitLife, and they should be under the Royalty category. Click on the law review, and if there’s a new law available, your character can choose to support it or denounce it. After the decision is made, it becomes a law in the game.

Unfortunately, beyond making a decision and clicking a choice, it doesn’t appear to affect the game in any way. Many of these laws are silly. For example, our Princess of Sasaki, Japan, had the chance to support a new law that required coffee shops to serve decaffeinated coffee only after 8 PM. After making a new law, our respect meter never went up, and no family member or friend had an issue. It doesn’t appear to have any significant effect on the public. The developers might have something in mind for the future, such as making it so for a challenge your character has to pass a certain amount of laws. They don’t appear to do anything other than adding flavor text into the game for right now.

Not every country has access to do this, either. We had a character who was a Duke in the United Kingdom, and they never had the chance to pass or denounce a law. But the princess of Sasaki, Japan, was capable of doing so, and at a young age.