How does respect work in BitLife?

How do you earn respect?


Image via Candywriter LLC

For those who become a King or Queen in BitLife, you now have a new bar to worry about called respect. It works similarly to fame, but it’s an exclusive feature for those ruling over a country. You have a meter when you start in royalty, even as a newborn.

When you first start, you won’t be able to do too much with your respect. It will steadily go up. When you grow old enough, you have a new option to perform various royal duties in the activities section. You don’t have too many to start when you are still under 18, though. At first, you can modify how others address you. Eventually, you have the chance to perform acts of public service and disservice. A good way to increase your respect early on is to perform acts of public service. If you want to lower it, you can perform acts of a disservice, and these are more aggressive, chaotic, and rude actions.

The more respect you have, the more subjects and others in your land will tolerate your ruler and accept them as their leader. The lower respect your character has in the country they rule, the more uprising and horrible things you can expect to endure. They may have to contend with revolutions or potential assassination attempts. You have to remain on guard as a royal leader, and there are plenty of benefits to the job.