How does royalty work in BitLife?

Royalty has a cost.


Image via Candywriter LLC

Some characters in BitLife are born with it all, and you can potentially start with a character who is born into royalty. Royal characters start with a respect meter at the bottom of the screen, which acts similarly to a fame bar. The more positive things your character does while in power, the more respect they have with their subjects. You have the choice to do harmful things, too.

There are two ways to have a royal character. The first is by being born into royalty. You can start the game as a newborn who’s parents are king, queens, or dukes and princesses. In the activities section, your character can now do royalty-based actions, such as public service duties, public disservice (these are negative), choose how others will address you, mingle with other celebrities, review laws, or execute people in your kingdom. Your actions towards the public and others reflect your character’s overall respect. The higher respect they have, the less likely it is for them to deal with uprising or adverse outcomes from their population.

If you are not born into royalty, that doesn’t mean you can’t participate in it. There’s the chance you can encounter a royal individual in the game, and you can potentially date them. You can randomly meet them through the various dating applications and choices in the game. If they date them, and things go well, and marriage, you enter the royal family of the person you chose to be with. The royal family can vary, but you should see a massive boost to your finances. Your character now has to deal with having respect.

You can gain and lose respect during random events. For example, if someone from a media outlet or newspaper speaks badly of your character, you have the choice to imprison them, remove them from the paper, or ignore it. If you ignore it, your respect goes down a little, but not by much. For those who choose to remove the person from the newspaper or imprison them, the public might look down on that even more. The same goes for interacting with celebrities, and other times your character has the chance to make a public appearance.

How you choose to live your royal life is up to you. You increase the chances of a revolution occurring within your kingdom, the more you act like a tyrant.