How does Storm Surge work in Fortnite?

Don’t worry about surviving…shocking, right?

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When you’re playing Fortnite, it can be tough to keep track of everything that’s happening. After all, Fortnite is a battle-royal game that is constantly adding cool new features, such as the addition of Storm Surge. That mechanic was introduced during Fortnite World Cup Open Qualifiers streams that happened in the middle of V6. Below, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Storm Surge so you can be ready when it hits.

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What is the Storm Surge?

The Storm Surge is a game mechanic that will activate itself when too many players have been surviving in the circles during World Cup Open Qualifiers matches. This means that it will cause damage to the players who have done minor damage to their opponents. The Storm Surge was introduced in patch V6.31 as a way to force players into a fight. Since it targets players who are dealing low damage, you’ll need to get in the thick of things if you want to survive the storm.

To break it down, when the Storm Surge first activates, it will be damaging players who have the least amount of damage on their opponents. This can be deadly, so you don’t want to get hit by it much if you can help it. This will make players focus less on just surviving and instead force them into fights, which hopefully end in kills. Below is a list of the patterns the Storm Surge takes based on the players remaining:

  • 60 – closing circle 1
  • 44 – closing circle 2
  • 30 – closing circle 3
  • 20 – closing circle 4
  • 16 – closing circle 5
  • 14 – closing circle 6
  • 12 – closing circle 7
  • 6 – closing circle 8
  • 2 – closing circle 9

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As explained, the Storm Surge will damage players who haven’t been dealing damage themselves. So the goal is to be among the top players killing and causing damage to others. To that end, you might want to get yourself something like the Mythic Overclocked Pulse Rifle or Havoc Pump Shotgun and just start blasting.