How does the paternity test work in BitLife?

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You may encounter having to take a paternity test in BitLife, which means your partner may have some questions regarding your children if the results come back with disturbing results. For those who don’t know, a paternity test is something you can take to confirm who your parents are using your DNA. If you plan to cheat on your partner in BitLife, or if your partner cheats on you, the paternity test will now clarify who a kid’s real parents are in the game.

There a handful of ways for this to happen to your character. If you choose to have a one night stand with a random partner, the result could have the partner, or you, ending up with a kid by the end of it. Years later, after that one night stand, the partner you had a fling with can show up with a kid and demands to take a paternity test to prove their yours.

Alternatively, your partner may order a test for you with your child. It could bring up several issues with you and the person who called the paternity test. If you are not directly taking care of the child with the person who called the test, you might have to start paying child support for the kid, even if it was from a one night stand. It will undoubtedly encourage you to start having protective sex or avoid these awkward problems by remaining faithful to your partner.