How does the Pokémon Home Transporter work in Pokémon Go?

Transport your favorites to Pokémon Home.

Image via Niantic

Some new items are coming to Pokémon Go, and these all revolve around adding more Pokémon Home features. Pokémon Home is an online service that allows players to transfer a Pokémon they’ve captured in any of the many major Pokémon games to it. A player can choose to bring that Pokémon from Pokémon Home to any of the more modern games, such as Sword and Shield. When the Pokémon Home service first arrived, players did not have the chance to use this feature with Pokémon Go. Things are changing, and there are new items that go along with this service.

The Pokémon Home Transporter is one of them, along with the Home Transporter Poké Ball. Right now, we don’t have too much information about them other than they will likely be critical items you need to use to transfer your Pokémon Go pocket monsters to the Pokémon Home service.

From the information shared by the Pokéminers group on Twitter, we know that the Pokémon Home Transporter will be used in the Pokémon Go store. It will be in a brand new category, which means players likely need to pay PokéCoins, Pokémon Go’s premium currency, to use it.

It’s unfortunate for players who were hoping to immediately transport their favorite Pokémon from Go to another Pokémon game, but we’ll see what will happen. We only know the name of the item, that it will be coming to the Pokémon Go store, and that’s it. It could be a service just like the incubators where players can use the item a certain number of times every day, and if they want to use it more, they have the option to do that through the Pokémon Go store.

We’ll be updating this page when we learn more information about these upcoming items. We’re weary about what Niantic and the Pokémon Company plan to do this, but we’ll remain hopeful.