How does the Tactics Instructor work in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Time to tip the scale.

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In Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, you help run a camp for one of the three main armies of the game. The camp expands as you continue playing the game, with new facilities and features being included. Eventually, you unlock facilities that include special NPCs known as instructors or masters. These instructors offer a specific service to you that helps enhance certain aspects of your army. For example, The Training Instructor allows members of your army to raise their class level.

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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Tactics Instructor working, explained

But what is the purpose of the Tactics Instructor in Three Hopes?

How to unlock the Tactics Academy and the Tactics Instructor

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The Tactics Instructor lies within the Tactics Academy, which isn’t unlocked until the start of chapter 6, Bridge of Betrayal. The Tactics Academy is a classroom, and the Tactics Instructor is located in the back of the room in front of a blackboard. The Tactics Instructor will offer to raise proficiencies and teach new tactics to members of your army, including raising the Warrior Gauges of all your characters. However, you will need first to Expand the Tactic Academy to Research Basic Multi-Opponent battles. You should have received the necessary material to expand the Academy to the basic level, which is a simple 10 Beginner Combat Manual.

What can the Tactics Instructor teach?

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Without Byleth teaching all his students all the vital pieces of war, the generic Tactics Instructor is as good as your going to get. The Tactics Instructor is capable of teaching all members of your army a variety of new tactics. Expanding the facility to the Research Basic Multi-Opponent Battle Tactics lets the Instructor raise the Warrior Gauge to all members of your army. This gives your characters an extra bar of Warrior Gauge during battle, and we highly recommend you raise the Warrior Gauge for all the characters you have recruited.

Using the Tactics Instructor doesn’t cost any activity points, but it will cost money to have the Instructor teach a new tactic to your army. How much money it costs depends on what Tactics you’re teaching your character. For instance, it costs 500 for him to raise the Warrior Gauge for a single character. You can select more than one unit at a time by pressing the + button for Group Session. You can also remove individual units from the selection if you want to.

Certain characters can learn some tactics that others cannot. Characters with Crests can learn tactics that Raise the Crest Level. The main tactics that most characters can learn are listed below:

  • Increase Warrior Gauges (Lv. 1 — 2)
  • Enhance Unique Action Ability (Lv. 1 — 2)
  • Enhance Unique Support Ability (Lv. 1 — 2)
  • Enhance Unique Tactical Ability (Lv. 1 — 2)
  • Research New Recovery Items (Lv. 1 — 2)
  • Increase Recovery Item Uses (Lv. 1 — 3)
  • Increase Ability Slots (Lv. 1 — 3)
  • Raise Crest Level (Lv. 1 — 2)

How to learn more tactics

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You can only teach the level 1 Increase Warrior Gauges tactic to all your players after doing the first expansion for the Tactics Academy. All other tactics are locked until you expand the facility more, with certain expansions unlocking specific Tactics. For example, you need to expand the facility’s Research Medical Arts to unlock Research New Recovery Item tactics. You will need the Basic Building Material to unlock the fundamentals of the facilities. To expand further from the fundamentals, you will need Quality Building Materials, Standard Combat Manual, Lavish Building Material, and Advanced Combat Manual.