How to get Rusted Parts, and what to do with them, in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Rusty junk.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

If you have been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you may have come across a Rusted Part and not know where it came from. Sometimes, when you check the Recycling Box in Resident Services, you will find a Rusted Part. This resource ties into Gulliver and will show up every time you help him out.

Gulliver is an NPC that you will sometimes find sleeping on the beach. You can interact with him to speak with him, although he won’t be very open to conversation at first.

When you first speak to Gulliver, he will mumble at you, but he will not wake up. So, how do you get this slumbering bird to wake from his sleep? The trick is to keep talking to him until he wakes up. It will take a little while, but each time he mumbles, interact with him again, and eventually, he will wake up.

When he finally wakes, he will tell you that he fell off a ship and needs communicator parts to be able to get in touch with his crew. He will ask you to find the communicator parts for him, and when you have all five, give them to him. He will send you a gift the next day to say thank you.

After you get the present, go and check the Resident Services recycling box, and you will find some Rusty Junk in there. Rusty Junk is an item you won’t need until the endgame. When you manage to upgrade Resident Services, there will be new DIY Recipes available, and one of them is for a pretty awesome looking robot. You need thirty Rusty Parts to build it, so you will need to help out Gulliver at least that many times to get all the parts you need.