How to get the Silver Surfers Board in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 – Faster Than Light Punch Card

Time to fly.


Silver Surfer’s Board is a new item in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4. Introduced as part of the Marvel collaboration, it will hurl you into the air, allowing you to deploy your glider. It is also part of the Faster Than Light Punch Card, so all completionists out there will want to track it down.

To start, you will need to make your way to one of the Quinjet Patrol areas. The Quinjets fly past the Battle Bus at the start of each round, and one will land at each area marked by blue smoke. Make your way to one of these areas, and make sure you get looted up first.

These spots are patrolled by Stark Robots, armed with hard hitting laser weapons. Take them all out, or down them and hack them by interacting with them, and make sure you have control of the area. Now it’s time to shoot down the little drones that are flying around.

These drones can drop all kinds of useful items, including Silver Surfer’s Board. It’s a mythic item that looks like a large coin, so it is easy to spot. If it drops, pick it up and keep in mind that you will need an inventory slot for it.

When activated the same way as any other item it will throw you up into the air, and you can deploy your glider. It doesn’t actually give you Silver Surfer’s board, but you can eventually get that from the Battle Pass.

And that’s it, everything you need to know about the Silver Surfer’s Board in Fortnite.