How to get Mana and what its used for in Forspoken

The source of all magic.

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Forspoken is an action-adventure game that has a strong focus on magic. Everything that you do requires a form of magic from crafting to battling and even moving around. Like other games, magic requires Mana in order to function and it is something you will be collecting a lot of in the game. Mana can be found in many places so it shouldn’t take you very long to amass a large amount of it. This guide will show you everything you need to know about Mana in Forspoken.

How to get Mana in Forspoken

Before you can use Mana, you first need to get your hands on some. Since Mana is needed to learn new spells and upgrade your existing ones, you will need to make sure you collect a lot of it. Luckily, Mana isn’t very hard to come across in the world of Athia. It’s so common that you can even find it spewing out of the ground.

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Mana Pools appear all across the land of Athia and look like blue energy flowing out of the ground. Whenever you see a Mana Pool, walk through it and you will get one Mana added to your total amount. Mana Pools also appear in areas like Lost Labyrinths so keep your eyes open for them. You can also get Mana by completing side activities and by leveling up.

How to use Mana in Forspoken

Unlike other games that use Mana as a means of casting spells, you can use Mana in Forspoken to upgrade your existing spells and learn new ones. Access the magic menu to see the upgrade tree for your spells and abilities. The total amount of Mana you have appears in the upper left corner along with your current level. Select an upgrade and hold the interact button to gain access to it.

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If you don’t like an upgrade that you chose or wish to obtain it later, you can always undo your selection by following the prompt on the screen. Those playing on PlayStation can hold the triangle button to refund the Mana spent on an upgrade. This can be done at any time, even after you have closed the menu. You can see what activities will reward you with Mana by hovering over them on the map.