How long does it take to beat Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy?

A good investment.

Image via Square Enix

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy puts players in the rocket shoes of Peter Quill, known by a few folks across the universe as Starlord. They will be able to take command of the rest of the Guardians as they do battle against all manner of enemies and try to solve an unfolding mystery that has somehow grown at the very heart of the Nova Corps.

How long the game takes to finish will boil down to a couple of main issues. First, the difficulty that players choose to play on. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has an extremely robust suite of difficulty and accessibility options. Factors like how much damage you take and receive, how long cooldowns last, and even how much slowdown there is during slow-motion segments can all be altered.

The main factor is how hard players like to push themselves. If you enjoy playing at high difficulty, it might take you longer to finish than someone playing at a lower difficulty. On average, it should take about one hour to get through each of the game’s 16 chapters, for a total run time of 16 hours or so.

As for replayability, the game has plenty of secrets, and trophies, for players to unlock. It also has a Chapter Select option that will open up after it is completed, and players will be able to take advantage of a New Game Plus mode as well.