How long is Fortnite downtime, and when exactly does the new Season start?

How long must we wait?


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Fortnite is regularly updated by developer Epic Games, with new Seasons every three months or so. Each new Season completely refreshes the game, bringing a new map, skins to earn, and much more for fans to enjoy. However, all that new content comes with a catch — you need to sit through some server downtime and download an update. This guide explains how long Fortnite’s servers will be down and when the next season begins.

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Fortnite down — How long does Fortnite server downtime last?

The current Fortnite downtime is expected to last for roughly five hours. This is when it usually takes Epic Games to deploy a new Season, though it has been known to go on longer if there are complications. The official Fortnite Status account updated fans on March 10, explaining that matchmaking had been disabled and the update was now in progress.

This server downtime will allow time for the development team to upload Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2, test it, and then let it out into the wild where everyone can enjoy it.

When exactly does Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 start?

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The server downtime for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 started at 2 AM ET. We expect it to last for five hours, meaning the downtime should end around 7 AM ET, which is when the new season will start. Of course, this could be extended if there are issues deploying the new Season.

Chapter 4 Season 2 adds a lot of new content to Fortnite. There’s a new map, a brand new Battle Pass to sink your teeth into, and an Attack on Titan crossover skin. The Season takes players to Mega City, a Neo-Tokyo-inspired map that’s a stark contrast to everything else we’ve seen in the game to date.

According to the leaks and what we saw in Chapter 4 Season 1, we expect there to be bonus skins unlocked through challenges over the course of this new Season. There will also likely be events that are dropped into the game out of nowhere. Last season, we got a Creed 3 event to tie in with the launch of the movie. There may not be a brand deal During Chapter 4 Season 2, but it’s always worth being on the lookout for one.