How long is It Takes Two? – Full chapters and sections list

It takes many hours.

It Takes Two

Image via EA

EA Original title It Takes Two from Hazelight Studios, the team that developed A Way Out, is a cooperative adventure depicting a long adventure. The journey shared between soon-to-be-divorcees May and Cody through a twisted and imaginative world contains a number of puzzles and segments inspired by a variety of video game genres. Depending on whether or not you seek out all of the minigames encountered in the game, It Takes Two should take between 10 to 14 hours to complete.

There are seven chapters in total in It Takes Two, all with a number of different sections. You can go back to and replay any of these sections at any time; though, by nature of this being a co-op game, any part of It Takes Two must be played with two players, locally or online. The list of chapters and their individual sections is below.

It Takes Two
Image via EA
  • The Shed
    • Intro
    • Wake-up Call
    • Biting the Dust
    • The Depths
    • Wired Up
  • The Tree
    • Fresh Air
    • Captured
    • Deeply Rooted
    • Extermination
    • Getaway
  • Rose’s Room
    • Pillow Fort
    • Spaced Out
    • Hopscotch
    • Train Station
    • Dino Land
    • Pirate Ahoy
    • The Greatest Show
    • Once Upon a Time
    • Dungeon Crawler
    • The Queen
  • Cuckoo Clock
    • Gates of Time
    • Clockworks
    • A Blast from the Past
  • Snowglobe
    • Warming Up
    • Winter Village
    • Beneath the Ice
    • Slippery Slopes
  • Garden
    • Green Fingers
    • Weed Whacking
    • Trespassing
    • Frog Pond
    • Affliction
  • The Attic
    • Setting the Stage
    • Rehearsal
    • Symphony
    • Turn Up
    • A Grand Finale