How long is The Root of Nightmares Contest Mode in Destiny 2?

It’s a longer competition than you might expect.

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Contest Mode will be happening shortly after the Root of Nightmares raid releases to Destiny 2. During this time, there will be a handful of restrictions placed on this raid, making it a far more difficult challenge, but there are several rewards for players who complete it before Contest Mode runs out. You have a limited time to participate in it, and you might even be waiting for Contest Mode to end. Here’s what you need to know about how long Contest Mode will be for The Root of Nightmares raid in Destiny 2.

When does Contest Mode end for The Root of Nightmares raid in Destiny 2?

We can confirm that Contest Mode for The Root of Nightmares raid will work a bit differently than previous ones in Destiny 2. The main difference for this raid is that Bungie has increased the timer for Contest Mode, giving everyone a longer opportunity to complete it. The Contest Mode for a Destiny 2 raid typically runs for 24 hours. These begin at 12 PM or 1 PM ET on Friday and partially into Saturday to complete it. To help make it easier for everyone and ensure more players have the opportunity to achieve this victory, Bungie has increased it by another 24 hours.

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The Root of Nightmares Contest Mode will run for 48 hours and ends on Sunday at 12 PM ET. For anyone who wants to try completing it before this timer runs out, you may want to run through the raid for most of your Friday evening, and then you can dedicate everything else to Saturday. You won’t have to feel as stressed for this competition as you may have felt in the past, and the handful of problems that typically happen on a Destiny 2 raid day might not be as stressful because of the long timer.

Hopefully, Bungie’s choice to extend this time out makes it easier for everyone who will participate. Additionally, when Contest Mode ends, the Power Level threshold will no longer be in place, likely making this an eager encounter for everyone. It does not mean everyone will have a chance to earn the exclusive Contest Mode rewards, though.