How many levels of New Game Plus does Elden Ring have? Answered

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The New Game Plus system is a returning staple of Souls games and it’s available in Elden Ring once you beat the final boss. You can start a new playthrough, called Journey 2, by selecting to do so following the credits. If you have unfinished business in the Lands Between, or just want to explore the world you’ve already conquered, the option to enter the next New Game cycle will still be available at the Roundtable Hold by interacting with the Table of Lost Grace and selecting Start Journey 2. But how many times can you do this after completing a playthrough? Let’s take a look at the number of levels available in New Game Plus in Elden Ring.

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Maximum New Game level in Elden Ring

Almost every Souls game handles New Game Plus a little differently, and Elden Ring follows that trend, though it takes most of its cues from Dark Souls 3. This time around, your adventures in the Lands Between will increase in difficulty and reward you until your eighth playthrough. Known as NG+7, the final difficulty spike is a whopper if you compare it to the challenge of a fresh New Game, but provided you’ve been leveling up as you play, it shouldn’t be too difficult. Malenia can still be a wall, though.

One thing to note: you technically continue adding additional New Game Plus levels following NG+7, but you won’t get anything for advancing beyond a fresh world to explore and a reset of all bosses, quests, etc. You can still go through as many different iterations of Elden Ring as you please, collecting weapons, upgrading materials, bossing equipment, and so on, without additional restrictions. In other words, if you reach NG+100 (should you enjoy Elden Ring enough to put that many hours into exploring the Lands Between), the experience will feel no different from NG+7.

You aren’t required to enter New Game Plus at all, of course, and the vast Lands Between will remain open to you should you want to enjoy the world even without tangible reward. New Game Plus cycles also don’t affect your PvP experience, as once you unlock an area to invade, it’s available for use no matter how much time you spend elsewhere.