How many people play Valorant?

A lot.

Valorant LTM Limited time modes

Image by Riot Games

Despite being out for just a year, Riot Games’ Valorant has already carved out a large part of the tactical shooter market. The mix of empowered hero characters and incredibly punishing tactical shooting seems to appeal to many players out there.

For people who are wondering how many people play Valorant, the game has an active player base of 14 million unique players a month, as of June 2021. That is a considerable player count, and proof of the appeal of the game.

According to executive producer Anna Donlon, the teams plan is to maintain the momentum and continue to grow the game as much as possible. “Valorant definitely exceeded our expectations at launch and now has like come back to a state where we’re like ‘wow, that wasn’t just a launch-day fluke,” she said.

Valorant has just entered into Episode 3, and seen the release of another new Agent in the form of the robotic KAY/O. We also suspect some new maps will be on the way this season. For now, the game shows no sign of slowing down, and we expect the player base to continue to grow until one of the game’s that it competes with in the tactical space goes through a substantial content update or change. Even then, it might be too late to stop the Valorant Juggernaut at this point.